FishforLife at RASSPL in Kasouga on 25th Feb
19 February 2017

We are appealing to RASSPL members to bring along any historical fishing photographs, newspaper clippings or angling magazines (from South Africa) that you may have to the Kasouga competition. Some Fishtory representatives will be at the upcoming Kasouga RAASPL event on 25th Feb to capture these old fishing relics by taking photographs of the originals and adding them to our Fishtory database.

What we would like from you:

1. To bring along any old fishing photos/clippings/logbooks/angling magazines along with you to Kasouga, these items must have the following:

- a date, or even just the decade

- a location

- your permission to use these photos on our website, newsletters and database

Alternatively you can also:

2. Take photos of these photos/clippings,etc yourself (even a good smartphone photo will do) and email ( or whatsapp (0768866368) them to us with the associated information before hand, OR

3. Upload the digital photos straight onto our website

4. Take photos of the photos, etc with your phone and share them with us at Kasouga

How it will work:

Fishtory reps will be around at the end of the day to digitise these items by taking photographs of your originals which we can return to you immediately.

What's in it for you:

- A chance to share your Fishtory and archive some precious memories

- A pat on the back for contributing to an important gap in recreational fishing research, the more information we receive, the more accurate the research

- Some cool fishy bumper stickers & T-shirts