About us

FishforLife is a national project aimed at improving the knowledge base and stewardship of our recreational fishery resources. The project will raise awareness about the status of target species, the value of MPAs and best fishing practices and gather new data for the sector. The project facilitates countrywide collaboration between the scientific community, the recreational angling community and ocean enthusiasts in order to capture and collate recreational angling data, record species sightings and collect historical species images. More specifically, the FishforLife project objectives are:

FishforLife Citizen Science components

There are three sub-projects through which recreational fisheries information will be captured, namely: CatchReport, Fishtory and the Sea Fish Atlas. These three platforms fall under the umbrella FishforLife project and allow recreational fishers and ocean enthusiasts to collect and record different types of information. A brief summary of each of the sub-projects is provided below: